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Parents that selected Orchard Farm Anywhere (Option 2) are expected to remain in their chosen option for at least the Semester they are currently in. Opportunity to return to In-Person learning (Option 1) will be made available at the end of the first semester.

 What is Orchard Farm Anywhere?

Orchard Farm Anywhere is a full-time virtual enrollment option for students. Students enrolled in this option do not attend school in-person.

  • Elementary, Middle and High School students will log into the Orchard Farm Anywhere platform (Edgenuity) to receive their online instruction and course work. All work is completed independently through this platform.
  • In order to experience success, K-5 students are highly encouraged to have a designated “Learning Coach” with them at home
  • District staff members are available for support at the request of students.

What will my student learn in Orchard Farm Anywhere?

Orchard Farm Anywhere provides online instruction and course work in the following content areas:

  • Elementary and Middle School: English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and special area courses.
  • High School: At minimum, all graduation required courses are available.

How will Orchard Farm Anywhere compare to in-person school?

Orchard Farm Anywhere, similar to in-person school, offers an engaging student experience with embedded technology usage. The district curriculum will be the same for in-person school and for Orchard Farm Anywhere. Students in Orchard Farm Anywhere will be graded the same as in-person school peers.

Is this different than what was offered from March to May?

Yes. The difference is most notable in the learning platform and the higher accountability for student work/participation. Orchard Farm Anywhere will utilize a virtual learning platform, Edgenuity. This one platform will display each of their courses, assignments, and track their progress. Additionally, the platform provides instructional videos for students to learn the course material. Students will work independently, however support from Orchard Farm certified teachers is available as needed.

What does a typical Orchard Farm Anywhere day look like?

Students will access the Edgenuity platform for their tier 1 instruction and work independently to complete assigned activities in that platform. The anticipated time requirements are as follows:








20-30 minutes/day

30-40 minutes/day

Core Courses

ELA, Math

40-50 minutes/day


Science, Social Studies, Health, PE

40-50 minutes/

every other day


Explo Courses

Art, Innovations

40-50 minutes/

every other day

Students are expected to work on (4) courses each day, for 60 minutes each


30-40 minutes/day

50-60 minutes/day


15-20 minutes/day

20-30 minutes/day


15-20 minutes/day

20-30 minutes/day

Social Studies

15-20 minutes/day

20-30 minutes/day


30 minutes/week

30 minutes/week


30 minutes/week

30 minutes/week


30 minutes/week

30 minutes/week


30 minutes/week

30 minutes/week


2 - 4 Hours Per Day

3 ½ - 4 Hours Per Day

4 Hours Per Day


What supports are in place for Orchard Farm Anywhere?

*Specifics of this support plan is subject to change depending on enrollment numbers.





OF Anywhere Teacher Availability



During school hours

(8:55 a.m. - 3:42 p.m.)


Daily online academic support sessions will be available to students by individual academic areas to answer questions. This schedule will be established by the OF Anywhere teacher.

Students should reach out to middle school administration to arrange for support. Daily teacher support will be available, if needed.

Each student will be assigned a content area teacher for academic support per course. Daily teacher support will be available, if needed.

Academic Support

  • The OF Anywhere teacher will schedule individual and/or small group virtual instruction sessions with students as needed.
  • Daily online academic support sessions will be available to students by individual academic areas to answer questions. This schedule will be established by the OF Anywhere teacher.

Technology Access

  • Students may use their own device. The District will provide a Chromebook to students upon request.
  • We will assist families with limited or no internet access to the best of our abilities.

Instructional Materials

Students will be provided with the instructional resources needed to complete learning objectives. This may or may not include traditional workbooks, textbooks, etc. Many virtual learning resources will be provided and/or accessed online. Families will want to have traditional school supplies at home to complete standard assignments.

Students with an IEP or 504 Plan

If the parent chooses the virtual option for their student, then the IEP team will meet (virtually) to discuss how to best deliver the services that the student needs in order to make progress on their IEP goals. This will look different for each student with an IEP that chooses the virtual option so we will need to make service delivery decisions as a team with the parent and necessary school staff. For families that choose virtual learning, your student’s case manager will contact you closer to the beginning of the school year to set up an IEP meeting to discuss appropriate services and any changes that need to be made to the IEP.


Why was Orchard Farm Anywhere created?

Orchard Farm Anywhere was created to meet the diverse needs of our students and families and to continue to expand opportunities for personalized learning, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Will Orchard Farm Anywhere be around after the pandemic is over?

We are committed to providing a virtual option for students and to grow the program for those wanting to access it. While numbers may fluctuate after the pandemic, we have always been focused on efforts to provide students with educational platforms that will help them succeed.

Can my child go Orchard Farm Anywhere for their regular/traditional school classes but attend in person for programs like the Lewis & Clark Career Center and St. Charles CAPS program?

If a student chooses the virtual learning option, and they are also accepted into a program at Lewis and Clark or CAPS, then they should plan to attend these special programs in-person. Lewis and Clark and the CAPS program are not currently available virtually.

 Can students participate in middle school or high school MSHAA activities/athletics if they are enrolled in Orchard Farm Anywhere?

According to MSHSAA guidelines, students can choose virtual instruction and still be eligible to participate in high school activities/athletics. However, if the District goes to all/full virtual programming for the entire district due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our high school teams will not be able to continue to participate in games/practices.

Will my child attend clubs or class parties in elementary school?

Elementary and Middle School clubs and activities have been  cancelled for the first semester. Should they resume second semester, Elementary and Middle students in Orchard Farm Elementary will be able to participate in before- or after-school clubs, with transportation as the family's responsibility, but they will not access celebrations during the school day, like class parties.

I have questions regarding specific details of Orchard Farm Anywhere that have not been addressed, what should I do?

More specific information will be sent out from the District within the next few weeks as things progress and develop. Final logistics and plans are dependent upon the enrollment requests from families to determine appropriate staffing, resources, and other details.  The District will also confirm Orchard Farm Anywhere with each family, so questions can be posed at that time. 

Success in Virtual Courses

While each student truly is unique in their learning needs. We have found the following student skills to be important for success in Virtual courses:

  • Student has demonstrated time-management skills that indicate the student is capable of submitting assignments and completing course requirements without reminders.
  • Student has demonstrated persistence in overcoming obstacles and willingness to seek assistance when needed.
  • Student has demonstrated verbal or written communication skills that would allow the student to succeed in an environment where the instructor may not provide nonverbal cues to support the student’s understanding.
  • Student has the necessary computer or technical skills to succeed in a virtual course.
  • Student has access to technology resources to participate in a virtual course.
  • Consideration of the student’s previous success (or struggle) in virtual coursework.
  • In order to experience success, K-5 students are highly encouraged to have a designated “Learning Coach” with them at home

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